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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flash Errors

A couple of days ago I was trying to install an application which requires the latest version of flash on the machine. I am pretty sure that I have the latest version installed as most of the internet applications require it now a day. To my surprise it errors out stating the application requires the latest version of flash in order to work properly. I went to Flash Official website and updated my machine. After updating I started installation again and got the same results. Then I tried to uninstall the current flash player and install a fresh copy from their site again but all in vain. Nothing helped me.

Follow these steps to solve it:

  1. Navigate to the folder "C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\". In this folder you will see a file named "Flash9f.ocx" or "Flash9*.ocx" (Here * stands for any letters, numbers or sign that comes after 9)
  2. Make copy of the "Flash9f.ocx" or "Flash9*.ocx" file in the same folder as the original (copy the original, then paste the copied file into the same folder).
  3. Delete your previous copy of "Flash.ocx".
  4. Rename the newly made copy to "Flash.ocx".

That's all you are done. This is the most easy and quick solution to this problem. Actually whenever we update our copy of flash in the background it will be placed in folder (C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash) under the name "Flash9*.ocx" and the file with name "Flash.ocx" will still carries the same older version. So when we are installing newer application that requires latest version of flash it will look for "Flash.ocx" file, which still contains the older version, so this generates this error.

Hope this post will help you with your Flash problem.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wii's Unrevealed Potentials

It was about a year ago when one of my friend forward me link of Johnny Chung Lee's Wii project page. Lee was a Ph.D Student at Carnegie Mellon University but now he is researcher with Microsoft (acording to his website). Anyways year ago he did come up with Head Tracking for Desktop Virtual Reality Displays using the Wii Remote. In simple words head tracking with wii's remote. He has explained his experiment in this video below: I just happens to visit his page again and found out another interesting experiment. This time he is tracking his fingers with wii remote. you can watch this experiment in the below video. You can visit his home page for complete instructions and how to conduct these experiments by yourself. These are really simple and easy. He has used simple software which is required for both these experiments and can also be downloaded from his home page.