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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Make sure, It is secure


Take a look at the above email, which I received a couple of days ago. It's from my bank's online account services stating that I may have made some changes to my account and they need to verify it. Also, the message header looks authenticated


So, now they want me to click on the link (provided in this email) and log on to the online account service and verify those changes. I clicked on the link :


the site appeared and it's exactly the same. Except two things

i) The web address looks fishy to me as it is suppose to https://www.chase.com/Chase.html instead of the above.

ii) The web server is not secure, Are you wondering how I know it?. Closely compare both the web addresses and most of the times its exactly the same expect the little ‘s’ which comes right after the http part. Always make sure this ’s’ is present whenever you are sending your confidential information over the internet. This ‘s’ means the web server is secure and all information between you and the server is encrypted .

Most of all it is easy to remember instead of comparing the web address.

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