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Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to remove Google Redirect Virus (GRV)?

Just a few days back I saw a weird problem in my computer, whenever I googled something and try to click any search link it always redirects me to a different page. For sure, that’s a virus but now how to remove as search result links takes me somewhere else. Even Bing or Yahoo doesn’t come to rescue. Hmm, that’s Google Redirect Virus (GRV).


The main symptom of the GRV is that clicking on a Google search result link will take you to another unrelated website. It doesn’t matter which search link you click and it doesn’t matter which browser you use for searching. How can you get it? Unfortunately, it’s not very difficult. If you accidentally (or even purposely) visit a malicious or infected website, and if you don’t have the necessary anti-virus protection on your computer, you can get it.

But unlike most cases of malware, this virus embeds itself deeper into your system and requires more than a simple malware scan.

How to remove it?

Did a lot of research and believe me there were so many solutions available (some say malware byte, some say TDSSKiller) will remove but none of them work. Hmm, finally found fixTDSS.exe

Simply download fixTDSS.exe and run it. After the program initializes, click on the Proceed button to start the scan. The program will look for potential problems and fix them if necessary. A reboot may be required.

Is fixTDSS.exe Safe?

It’s written by Symantec, the makers of Norton antivirus and also the above downloadable link will download the file from Symantec’s website directly.

Important Warning

fixTDSS.exe has some conflicts with windows 7 so you have to reinstall or recover your operating system from the recovery disk. Restoring it to an earlier point or reinstalling windows from one of the images stored on your local hard disk is not going to work, so make sure you have the recovery disk for your operating system.

Any comments or suggestions are always welcomed.

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